CowboyStudio T800D 800 Watts Digital Monolight Strobe Flash

  • One 800 WS Flash Light
  • One 10m (33′) Sync Cord, 5m (16.5′) grounded power cord,
  • One 150w Halogen Modeling lamp, protective cap for flash tube and instruction manual.
  • Durable Metal Body with Built-in fan cooler
  • Automatic Power Release

Flashes are used in photography to produces an instantaneous flash of artificial light at a color temperature of about 5500 K to help illuminate a scene. The 800 watt strobe is one of our most powerful strobe, good any situation that needs a large amount of light. It is high quality and easy to adjust, both in position and brightness. It can act as a slave, making this strobe easy to use in any environment.

100% compatible with Bowens Light modifier
Variable Power control 1/32 to full
Built in slave (flash inductor) / optical trigger.
Ready light/ audio buzz.
Test button
Recycle Time 1-5 sec
Color Temperature: 5600k
Flash duration 1/800~ 1/1500 SEC
Triggering voltage 6V.
Fits any standard light stand
Weighs 12.25lbs
Durable Metal Body with a Built-in Fan Cooler
Automatic Power Release


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